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1, 2013 At least 35 states have criminal laws that punish HIV-positive people for exposing others to the virus, even if they take precautions such as using a condom. Supporters of these laws say they deter people from spreading the virus and set a standard for disclosure and precautions in an ongoing epidemic. Our review of 1988 legislative documents to date indicates the bill sponsor was interested in making it a felony punishment to knowingly expose persons to what was considered a fatal disease at that time, and with a disregard for consequences, or intent to infect with HIV.But critics say they thwart public health goals because they stigmatize the disease; undermine trust in health officials, who are sometimes enlisted to assist with criminal prosecutions; and fail to take into account the latest science surrounding HIV transmission. The statute was not introduced as a public health prevention measure and to our knowledge its effectiveness in that regard has not been studied, nor has its effect on testing, risk, stigma, or care-seeking behaviors of persons living with HIV.Partnership Rx Opening - In the effort of becoming a one-stop-shop, providing comprehensive services or our clients, AIDS Partnership Michigan is happy to announce the opening of Partnership Rx as our next-door neighbor.AIDS Partnership Michigan (APM) and HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) Receive a ,000 Grant from Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan (CFSEM) to Launch an Innovative Strategic Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Services in Southeastern Michigan.In 2011, the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors issued a policy statement, criticizing these laws and calling on its members to examine their effects. 420-4-1-.03.)The criminalization of certain acts by those infected with sexually transmitted diseases that do, or are likely to, transmit disease to others is a matter best determined by the state's legislature. The statute has been used sparingly in Idaho with fewer than six convictions to our knowledge. § 5/12-16.2 Class 2 Felony A person who knows that he or she is infected with HIV commits criminal transmission of HIV if he or she (1) engages in contact with another person involving the exposure of the body of one person to a bodily fluid of another in a manner that could result in HIV transmission; (2) transfers, donates or provides his or her blood, tissue, semen, organs or other potentially infectious body fluids for administration (e.g., transfusion) to another person, or (3) in any way transfers to another any nonsterile IV or intramuscular drug paraphernalia.But as the statements below show, state health authorities have mixed opinions about the effect of HIV-specific laws and prosecutions. The prosecution of such crimes is within the discretion of those with prosecutorial authority. Health and Safety Code § 120291 Felony Any person who exposes another to HIV by engaging in unprotected sexual activity (anal or vaginal intercourse without a condom) when the infected person knows at the time of the unprotected sex that he or she is infected with HIV, has not disclosed his or her HIV-positive status, and acts with the specific intent to infect the other person with HIV, is guilty of a felony. Code § 1202.1(d); (2) the person was tested for HIV in connection with the prior conviction(s) with positive test results; and (3) the person was informed of that positive test result(s). Persons with HIV in Idaho enrolled in case management can receive assistance with disclosure skills and resources from their case managers. The actual transmission of HIV is not a required element of this crime. § 18-7-205.7 Class 6 Felony Any person who, with knowledge of being infected with HIV, patronizes a prostitute is guilty of a class 6 felony. Prior to this law, exposing persons to sexually transmitted diseases had already been classified as misdemeanors.

In general, limiting the practice of HIV-infected HCWs is inappropriate.Sexual transmitted infections: UHS STI Assessment How to get assessed for sexually transmitted infections at UHS.