Invalidating cache due to ioctl

08-Dec-2017 22:53

To allow users live migrating VMs to skip multiple intermediate releases when upgrading, new releases of QEMU will support machine types from many previous versions.Supported machine properties are: This is used to enable an accelerator. If any pair of nodes is given a distance, then all pairs must be given distances. QEMU uses the PC BIOS from the Seabios project and the Plex86/Bochs LGPL VGA BIOS. QEMU uses GUS emulation (GUSEMU32 by Tibor "TS" Schütz.Note that, by default, GUS shares IRQ(7) with parallel ports and so QEMU must be told to not have parallel ports to have working GUS. For architectures which aim to support live migration compatibility across releases, each release will introduce a new versioned machine type.The behaviour of these functions may vary slightly from those defined by ANSI, and these deviations are noted in the text. ** Please update the documentation in both places when making changes ** The return value is the number of characters which would be generated for the given input, excluding the trailing ‘0’, as per ISO C99. Preferred to updates s to point after the token, ready for the next call.

invalidating cache due to ioctl-37

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I am using version 2.5.3 (plus my NFS extras), and have also included the 0 timeout patch.list should be an empty list or a list you do not care about losing its data. Description Copy the string, or as much of it as fits, into the dest buffer.Description list_safe_reset_next is not safe to use in general if the list may be modified concurrently (eg. An exception to this is if the cursor element (pos) is pinned in the list, and list_safe_reset_next is called after re-taking the lock and before completing the current iteration of the loop body. If base is given as 0, then the base of the string is automatically detected with the conventional semantics - If it begins with 0x the number will be parsed as a hexadecimal (case insensitive), if it otherwise begins with 0, it will be parsed as an octal number. The routine returns the number of characters copied (not including the trailing NUL) or -E2BIG if the destination buffer wasn’t big enough.When a node is unreachable from another node, set the pair’s distance to 255.

Note that the - In particular, you can use this to set driver properties for devices which are created automatically by the machine model.Description This helper moves the initial part of head, up to and including entry, from head to list.

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