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16-Nov-2017 09:42

In this case, I would recommend you totally skip the temporary tables and their unneccesary IO and overhead and go right for the answer.

We support temporary tables, but in a different fashion, see: for examples of ref cursors and their usage.

Java SE technology is available for the Solaris Operating Environment (OE), Linux, and Microsoft Windows, as well as other platforms through Java technology licensees.

The Java platform has become a mainstream vehicle for software development and deployment.

The Java Hot Spot VM supports virtually all aspects of development, deployment, and management of corporate applications, and is used by: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

is also driving performance improvements through the use of various industry standard and internally developed benchmarks.

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'''#'; end if; if ( NOT l_in_quotes ) then l_query := l_query

These statements -- and more importantly their counts -- are the potential bottlenecks.You will be highly appreciated if you could send me a sample stored procedure so that I can learn from it. Karl Huang You should simply: open ref_cursor for select * from ( query you used to put into temp_1 ), ( query you used to put into temp_2 ) where join_conditions in your procedure.

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