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Rather than throw a movie-star tantrum, Murray simply had another dance, politely thanked his host and left.

After the New York premiere of Hyde Park on Hudson, Murray and the film-makers took questions from the audience.

I didn't want to just cut down to water and crackers,' he explained.

'Every day I didn't consume anything that wasn't from God's green earth.

The brunette then added, 'We were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place.' The 31-year-old actress also said, 'To all the other costars who've worked it out, more power to you.'Chad made news in February for going on an extreme diet to lose weight for Other People's Children.

'I played a homeless heroin addict,' the New York native said of his role in the Liz Hinlein-directed drama.

Anyway, a source says that Murray calls Jenny his "special friend," which is Hollywood code for "woman I'm sleeping with who's more than a couple decades my junior." A rep for Lewis declined to comment (always a dead giveaway that some boots-knockin' is going down), but the songstress reportedly stuck close to Bill's side throughout a recent premiere party for his new film Rock the Kasbah.

You may know Jenny Lewis as the former child star who went on to become the lead singer for beloved indie-rock outfit Rilo Kiley and release a couple of critically-adored solo albums after the band members went their separate ways.

You almost certainly know Bill Murray as a living comedy legend and the internet's second favorite thing behind porn.

The drugs were discovered when Murray joked to the passenger next to him that he was smuggling. as a featured player on The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

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In 1975, an Off-Broadway version of a Lampoon show led to his first television role as a cast member of the ABC variety show Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell.

The totally-not-a-couple couple was later spotted together in the lobby of the Huntting Inn in East Hampton. Not only can you break the Internet just by dancing to "Turn Down For What," you also get to sleep with hot redheaded hipsters well into your AARP years.