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18-Aug-2017 00:18

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Tries too hard to be colorful but some good observations.

NATO’s top mission: Preparing for Trump Politico French Elections Marine Le Pen Denies French Guilt for Rounding Up Jews New York Times (furzy).

He can comfortably spend his Winter in a desert tent, cooking fresh meat over fahem, and brushing his teeth with a miswak. While I’m watching the Arab Ramadan shows, he’s fully invested in an episode of Daily Show or Colbert.

There’s very little about him that fits into the stereotypical ‘bedoin’ mold.

An awfully big gaffe awfully close to the first round.

Le Pen attacked for denying French role in wartime roundup of Jews Politco A multi-level analysis of the US cruise missile attack on Syria and its consequences The Saker (YJT). I sometimes have doubts about the Saker, but this strikes me as sound.

The one point where I think he may be giving Russia too much credit is in the Tomahawk diversion thesis (as in if they could do it, why in part but not in full?

To freak out the US types that their pricey weapons are horribly unreliable To test their tech without showing their hand too much?

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This post is my little attempt at clearing up some of the misconceptions regarding the Arab/American marriages.