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The name Ed Iskenderian is a legend among racers worldwide.Ed's life history parallels the proverbial success story.New Seniors Membership Seniors (over 60’s) will only invest /month for their 12 month memberships.Casual Sessions Casual indoor sessions are available at . With quick and reliable installation features, the cameras are ideal for airports, seaports, stadiums, manufacturing plants as well as city and perimeter surveillance.The outdoor AXIS Q60-E models with Arctic Temperature Control can safely start up and operate in temperatures as low as -50°C/-58°F and up to 50°C/122°F.

While attending Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles, Ed's pet project was building a Model T Ford roadster.Every compound bow is comprised of a riser, string, cable system and cams.The bow’s cams manipulate the draw weight during the course of drawing and releasing an arrow.Ed learned the fundamentals of mechanics by working with the Model T Fords and later adapted the overhead conversion by Frontenac (more commonly known as Fronty), as well as the George Riley head known to the racers in those days as the "multi-flathead." Experiencing repeated crankshaft failure, Ed began searching for an engine with a stronger lower end.

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He examined the Ford Model A and B and found them to be only slightly stronger than the Model T.

Turning his attention toward the later Ford V-8 flathead engine, he found the crank to be much more rugged with larger bearings and a counter balanced crankshaft.

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